Dynamic Web Template Interchange Guidelines

Promoting Standards for Ease of Interchangeable DWTs

DWT (Dynamic Web Template) Standards for Microsoft FrontPage 2003 and DreamWeaver MX

DWT Interchange Guidelines (DWTIG) for Dynamic Web Templates

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The Dynamic Web Template Interchange Guidelines have been established by a consortium of web designers and developers in an effort to provide webmasters using a third party DWT the ability to cross over from one design to another with relative ease.  The goal of the DWTIG is not to standardize design; rather, to standardize the method in which the content is added to a DWT through Editable Regions within the design.

DWTIG focuses specifically on DWT designs for Microsoft FrontPage 2003; however, DWTIG compliant DWTs not using a FrontPage theme are fully compatible with the DreamWeaver MX format, and the same benefits of interchangeability apply across the platforms.

Understanding the Purpose

Dynamic Web Templates (DWTs) have many advantages; however, a primary advantage which has been left unaddressed prior to the DWTIG is the ability to change the layout, appearance, colors, and overall design of an existing web by the typical webmaster simply by attaching a different DWT.  While the task can be accomplished without the guidelines, it becomes a tiresome, difficult, and potentially disastrous exercise of assigning old Region Name content to Region Names in the new DWT being attached.

Since the DWTIG specify the Editable Regions to be used in all DWTIG Compliant DWTs, the end user may be assured that changing from one DWTIG Compliant design to another will result in a relatively seamless operation.

Who Benefits?

The Webmaster:  Web sites, regardless of the design, generally require a new look over time.  If the webmaster has built the site using a DWTIG Compliant DWT, updating the look completely with a different DWTIG Compliant DWT is a quick, painless process.

The DWT Designer:  All template designers strive to receive repeat business, and a DWTIG Compliant DWT is the easiest way to promote future sales to past customers.  It is a simple fact that web sites will be wearing a new look more frequently if it's a quick and easy process.  Additionally, the design process becomes simplified when working with a consistent usability basis across designs.