Dynamic Web Template Interchange Guidelines

Promoting Standards for Ease of Interchangeable DWTs

DWT (Dynamic Web Template) Standards for Microsoft FrontPage 2003 and DreamWeaver MX

DWTIG Consortium

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The Consortium

The DWTIG Consortium was established October 2003 to promote standards for ease of interchangeable DWTs, primarily as a result of the inclusion of DWT capabilities in the FrontPage 2003 release.  The Consortium seeks to provide a means to effectively and efficiently:

  • allow changing of DWTs from one 3rd party provider to another,
  • preserve programming by 3rd party developers and provide the means to carry scripting forward from one DWT to the next, and
  • provide a standard through which DWTs may be interchangeable within the framework of Web Publishing Programs using DWTs.


The DWTIG Consortium was formed to develop a uniform and widely accepted set of guidelines to serve the needs of developers, designers and webmasters across platforms when interchanging from one DWT to another.  The intent is to:

  • Establish a set of common Editable Regions
  • Establish specifications for 3rd party DWT packages
  • Actively promote the use of DWTIG Compliant DWTs
  • Ensure that the DWT Interchange Guidelines provide the best universal solution to both developers and end users.

Founding Members (alphabetically)

Advantrics LLC
DPA Software
TWC Graphics Design
Webs Unlimited

Advantrics, LLC.  Representative: Corrie Haffly

  • Corrie is the lead designer and developer for Advantrics stores, key distributors of 3rd Party Templates, and has designed hundreds of cutting-edge web site templates under the John Galt's Templates brand. Her experience with FrontPage, Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, HTML, and other code and software has resulted in products that push the envelope for other designers. She is known throughout the industry as an expert FrontPage designer, and is the author of numerous online tutorials, including those at Advantrics' "learning" site, socksthedog.com.

    Primary web sites: pixelmill.com, jgtemplates.com, vividoffice.com

ClassyLinks.  Representative: Carri-Ann Laflamme

  • Carri-Ann, the owner and programmer for ClassyLinks, has been on the cutting edge of Web Site design since 1998, programming in HTML, DHTML, ASP, ASP.NET, XML and CSS. Having used FrontPage since it was first launched by Microsoft, she developed and owns ClassyThemes.com, a collection of over 25 web designers she brought together to sell FrontPage Templates in an online store. Carri-Ann teaches a 6-week "Intro to ASP" course which guides budding webmasters through the process of server side programming through the Eclectic Academy.

    Primary websites: ClassyThemes.com, ClassyLinks.com

DPA Software.  Representative: David Pfeiffer

  • Dave is the co-owner and chief developer of DPA Software, founded in 1990, which develops companion software products that enhance major graphics applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft FrontPage. DPA's first product was Intellihance for Adobe Photoshop, which is now marketed by Extensis Corporation of Portland, Oregon. Since then, DPA has created an extensive line of companions for Microsoft FrontPage. The company's goal is to develop special effects, web templates and productivity products that enable users to easily create compelling FrontPage web sites.

    Primary web sites: dpasoftware.com, frontlook.com

OutFront.  Representative:  Thomas Brunt

  • Thomas is the publisher and editor of OutFront, a FrontPage learning community well established in the industry and loaded with authoritative tutorials, tips, tricks and general help with everything FrontPage.  Started in 1998, OutFront, home to one of the most trafficked FrontPage user Forums in the world, also provides 3rd party FrontPage and Dreamweaver templates as well as FrontPage add-in products.

    Primary web sites: outfront.net

TWC Graphics Design.  Representative: Teri Carnright

  • Teri is the co-owner and head designer of TWC Graphics Design, a major provider of 3rd party FrontPage templates, marketing through four company-owned online stores and outside distribution channels since 1999. A leading designer in the 3rd party FrontPage template industry with over 400 FrontPage templates in her repertoire, she is also experienced in HTML and Dreamweaver template design, using primarily CSS, Adobe PhotoShop and Macromedia Flash.

    Primary websites: themesets.net, frontpagetemplates.com, twcgraphics.com

Webs Unlimited.  Representative:  Mike Chafin

  • Mike is the CEO of Webs Unlimited, producers of the well-known J-Bots FrontPage add-in javascripts.

    Primary websites:  websunlimited.com, j-bots.com