Dynamic Web Template Interchange Guidelines

Promoting Standards for Ease of Interchangeable DWTs

DWT (Dynamic Web Template) Standards for Microsoft FrontPage 2003 and DreamWeaver MX

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This section contains items for consideration not yet having guidelines set by the DWTIG Consortium.

External Style Sheets

FrontPage 2003:  The .css file remains in the dwt folder, along with the other related files and folders

Dreamweaver MX:  If the same .dwt is used as the one designed for FP2003, the .css file should be placed in the same directory in which the html file is saved (generally the root directory).

Recommendation:  All .css files should have a unique identifying name to prevent overwriting an existing .css file within Dreamweaver.

Theme-defined Style Sheets and External Style Sheets Issues

FrontPage 2003:  Developers may experience inconsistencies or difficulties with style sheets, particularly as they apply to editable regions within table cells that have a class defined.  For example, a page banner may be within a table cell with a class that defines the font size, font color, etc.  When the Editable Region within that table cell is defined according to DWTIG specs, however, it is possible that the <p> tag used within the Editable Region will overwrite the <td> style.  This may occur if the Developer has a specific style defined for <p>. It may also depend on the stacking order of the styles.

Recommendation:  For now, the DWTIG recommends that you use the <div> tag in place of the <p> tag in Editable Regions that are affected by this issue.  However, if the end-user is applying this DWT to a web site that already uses <p> tags within that particular Editable Region, the <p> tags will be kept instead of the <div>.  Developers should make a note within the Readme informing the end-user of this issue and advise them accordingly.