Dynamic Web Template Interchange Guidelines

Promoting Standards for Ease of Interchangeable DWTs

DWT (Dynamic Web Template) Standards for Microsoft FrontPage 2003 and DreamWeaver MX

General Standards

General Standards
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General DWT Interchange Guidelines

  1. All DWTIG Editable Regions will be used, and will exactly match the name as specified by the DWTIG.
  2. The Editable Regions will follow the definitions as set by DWTIG regarding region characteristics.
  3. Editable Regions will contain Comments ONLY (Insert, Comment).  This prevents the content from appearing on a published DWTIG Compliant web if the Editable Region is unused by the webmaster.
  4. No Editable Region may be included in addition to the defined DWTIG Editable Regions.
  5. No tables will be used within Editable Regions.
  6. No styles will be applied within Editable Regions; rather, they must be applied outside the Editable Region.
  7. No styles will be applied within any <p> tag within Editable Regions.
  8. All formatting commands relating to fonts (font face, font color, font size, normal/bold, etc.) will be applied either by the theme or by an external or theme-driven style sheet.
  9. All DWTIG Compliant DWT packages will include the suggested ReadMe file.
  10. All DWTIG Compliant DWT packages will follow the File Structure Guidelines.
  11. All DWTIG Compliant DWT packages will contain a main menu pointing to Child Pages under Home in the NON-Editable Region.

Summary of Guidelines

  • The DWT will have all DWTIG defined Editable Regions, no more, and no less.
  • The ONLY content within the Editable Regions in the content (body) portion will be the <p> tag and the comment, used as shown below.  The ONLY content within the Editable Regions in the <head> portion will be the meta tag or the comment.
  • The DWT package will follow the File Structure Guidelines and will include the ReadMe file.

DWTIG Region Tags

It is imperative that the <p> tags surrounding the Editable Regions are correctly placed to allow editing by the end user.  FrontPage 2003 applies the <p> tags correctly on the first Editable Region, but if another Editable Region is placed after the first, the <p> tags may not be placed properly.  Check your HTML source (Split Screen is easiest) to ensure the tags are properly placed within Editable Regions as shown below, and if they are not, adjust the HTML accordingly. 

Correct Placement (example shows body1 Editable Region): 

<!-- #BeginEditable "body1" -->
<p><!--webbot bot="PurpleText" PREVIEW="Main body content here" --></p>
<!-- #EndEditable -->