Dynamic Web Template Interchange Guidelines

Promoting Standards for Ease of Interchangeable DWTs

DWT (Dynamic Web Template) Standards for Microsoft FrontPage 2003 and DreamWeaver MX

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DWTIG ReadMe File

The readme.htm file allows the user to view Editable Regions from within FrontPage 2003 while viewing general and specific template information.  You may preview a sample readme.htm here; however, note that the editable regions do not show up from within the browser window itself.

Step 1

The readme.htm file will be located directly inside the design_name_dwt/ folder of the web, along with the .dwt files and other specified files.  To make the readme.htm file, open the DWT and select File, Save as...  Be sure the directory remains the same as the directory containing the DWT, then type in readme for the file name, and pull down to HTML Files for file type.  You now have a readme page, complete with the Editable Regions showing, that the end user may refer to for information on modifying the DWT for their needs.

Step 2

Next, add the following above the existing DWT on the page (place cursor at far left and hit Enter to open up space above the DWT):

DWT Name

"Please scroll down for template information and instructions"

Step 3

Finally, add the General and Specific information below the existing DWT design:

General Information Regarding the Design:  Statement of DWTIG Compliancy (if applicable), description of design package (number of .dwt files, and differences between them if more than one).

Definition of Editable Regions for the Design:  A table listing each Editable Region Name, along with the characteristics of the region (for DWTIG Compliant designs, simply copy and paste the DWTIG Editable Regions table).

Template Specific Instructions

Changing Your Name or Logo within Design:  Generally, the company name information appears in a non-editable region.  List full instructions on the replacement of an existing "yournamehere" with the end-user's name and information.

Changes to Non-Editable Regions:  General and specific changes that the end-user will make to the .dwt itself (including changes to the Copyright statement).

Colors, Graphics and Theme Information:  Define how colors are assigned (as cell background colors, graphically, or by a style sheet; provide information on the path location of the design's associated graphics; if theme is used, give theme name - otherwise, give style sheet information.

Navigation Changes:  General and specific information regarding sub-menu navigation and the style used to assign appearance and orientation in the design.

Copyright and Licensing Information:  Your specific information here.

Help and Problem Resolution:  Your specific information here.